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  Flash test details


  • There is no flash test running at the moment.
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  General information

What is a flash test?

It's a very short test phase that will take place every week.
Each flash test will only last few hours.
Each flash test may differ from the previous in terms of features, rates or limitations.

When does Gurubasher officially open?

Only after several successful test phases and after we are certain that many players are going to play. We perfectly know that an empty server is not fun to play on.
Your help is crucial to bring more potential players in! When there will be a satisfying amount of players, we will open Gurubasher.

It's only a test phase

There might be bugs, or incomplete features, the server can go down, crash or hang, and there might be no staff member online. That's why it's called a flash test.

Support us

: Help us spread the word to speed up the official release!
: Be present at each flash test to help us gauge the total population!

You can report bugs to our bugtracker.
You can make a donation to help us (any donation made will be spent on advertising and server costs, more information on donation page).

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